Is Your Child Behaving Odd or Not On Par? Don’t Neglect

Odd Child Is your child behaving odd?


* Is your child insisting on sameness with respect to  several routine works?

* Is your little angel difficulty in expressing his needs?

* Is your child overly repeating words or sentences rather than conversing?
* Is your child not showing interest in mixing with his peers, moving solitary?
* Is he or she appears very much hypo or hyperactive?

* Keeps flapping his /her hands and jumps?
* Is your child showing no fears of any danger?
If your child is showing some or all or any more  of the odd behaviors listed above, you better take him to a behavioral pediatrician to check up where he stands in AUTISTIC SPECTRUM OF DISORDERS.

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    • Being in autistic spectrum is not dangerous to your child, to you or to society. In the words of Dr. Hans Asperger, a pioneer in the field of autism, it seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential. Several famous scientists and other great people are thought to have been autistic. For example: Albert Einstein, Henry Cavendish, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Charles Richter, Alan Turing.
    • Autistic people are intelligent, affectionate, caring and great, except some problem. USA, LLC

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This article is not intended to explain the mechanism of occurrence of autism. Recent thoughts explain autism as Autism Spectrum Disorder rather than due to a single cause. However, some studies at Massauchusetts General Hospital linked autism to the structural changes in about 25 -40 genes on chromosome number 16 (Ref. Scientific american).  What causes this change is not clearly known and several factors starting from having kids at old age to vaccines  are suspected. You should see the difference at 2 -3 years of age and then get it confirmed by your child’s pediatrician.

What to do if your child is diagnosed to be in autistic spectrum?

* An ASD child if confirmed needs special education – depending on his condition, as judged by a team of experts in USA schools.

* In addition, there are specially designed toys for autistic children

* There are special movies for autistic kids.

* There is an AUTISM SOCIETY that covers various topics, follow it.

Give some support to your autistic child, bear with him /her a little bit – he /she will be the next EINSTEIN !!!

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